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Mi Lagos - Baileys

My daughter Gia has been going to U.S Taekwondo for a year now. It's been amazing watching her progress in learning new skills, learning about respect, self-discipline, and responsibility. Skills she's been applying at school as well as at home. She's very proud of herself as she learns she can do anything when she works hard. I can't thank the instructors enough, Master Ohn and Master Josh, they are strict yet, so loving and patient with the little ones. They really make this school awesome!! Thank you and we look forward to another amazing year


Michelle Warde - Fairfax

I’m so glad my friend recommended this school for my son. Having a very high-energy kid means having a good outlet is essential, and Tae Kwon Do has been perfect for him. Practicing martial art has helped my son find his center, and he has really begun to grow as a person. He is showing leadership among his peers, better discipline in and out of his classrooms, and better self-confidence and self-esteem. Master Park and Master John love my son for who he is, which means so much to us. I can’t thank them enough for creating a place where my son can feel challenged, successful..and most of all appreciated for being him.


Alane Relk - Falls Church

The instructors approach teaching with an excellent mix of patience, discipline, and fun. They also make a point to emphasize the importance of focus, respect, humility, and hard work. Students understand that what they are learning goes far beyond self-defense and exercise. What they learn in TKD can be applied in other facets of their lives: grades, behavior writ large, relationships with peers/siblings, and respect for parents. I especially like that last one! Both my sons love it and have benefited greatly from it. The family classes and after-school program look fantastic, although we have not personally tried them yet. Highly recommend.


Mike Robinson - Baileys

We joined The US Tae Kwon Do College more than four years ago and have had nothing but the best experience for our family. Both of our sons have progressed very well in the program and are we are very proud of their accomplishments. The program has an incredible history in our local community and we have learned a lot about the arts through the dedication and commitment by the other parents and students. Often, while our kids are in session, the parents have time and space to also stretch, use weights and exercise; this allows us to support our kids through example -even after a long day at work. While there are many USTKD locations, the Columbia Pike location is our home and we are proud to call it so. An actual Grand Master is at that location and we have several other world-class instructors who have been there for years and are committed to our children. They truly make the program fun for all of us.


Tuyen Nguyen - Fairfax

My son is attending After School service of US Taekwondo College and he really loves it there. He admires and adores his Master

 He even wants to copy his haircuts!

I am seeing great improvement in my child's attitudes to manners and disciplines. He is more willing to share and care for his siblings, teaching them to be truthful. He told me "Mommy I can be naughty sometimes but I am always truthful and never lie". He volunteers in cleaning the house, set the dining tables, and tries hard to get the black belt to defend against bad guys. He is more aware of the bad and the goods, strangers and the familiar with bad behaviors and query more about how to react in different dangerous situations that he can think of, which I take it as a good sign of self-defense. Masters are becoming kind of his role model, everything they say makes a great impact on him.

Thank you for everything.

God Bless all!


Tran Le - Falls Church

“I can honestly say I enrolled my 2 daughters to US Tae Kwon Do College because of one main reason only: The Instructor Master Jab Amini. Before enrolling them, I have checked out 3 other Martial Arts locations and although they all teach the same values, no one compares to this instructor. Master Jab is tough on the kids when he needs to be, and patient and kind while making learning the techniques really fun. He emphasizes respect, work ethics, and being a great leader in school and the community. Since joining Tae Kwon Do for over a year, our daughter’s confidence and self-esteem have gone way up. My coworkers ask me why I would drive over 1 ½ from DC to take them to class, and I told them I found a great Influential Teacher in my child’s life. The masters & instructors are full of knowledge & take their time to teach you the techniques you need in order to grow into a well-rounded black belt. Thank you US Tae Kwon Do, but especially Master Jab for guiding our daughters to be strong, confident girls for the future”.

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