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Adult & Teens

The benefit of Training Martial arts:

1.Stress Relief

2.Mental Health

3.Physical Conditioning

4.Weight Loss

5.Self Defense

6.Be Respectful and Disciplined

7.Friendly Environment 

8.Meet the Life Friend Group

Be a part of Community that shows respect and Trust

What Others Say

A wonderful Taekwondo school with exceptional, professional, experienced instructors! I was there in person for the first six months to take an Adult Class and have been doing remote learning since then. They’ve done a great job meeting the challenges of COVID, taking all the necessary precautions in person and offering a variety of video classes with In-person Training. All of the classes are very upbeat and positive, help build confidence, self-defense, and forms.

I would highly recommend this school to anyone, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been training for years!

Lauren Burke - Google Review


Little Kickers Photo Gallery

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What people think about our program


US Taekwondo College is the best! Masters do their best to make sure everyone has the highest level of training. He goes above and beyond to meet students needs. This TKD school is top-notch, and very organized.

Instructors are always happy, exciting, very energetic and very respectful. This is the most POSITIVE environment.

I highly recommend that you will not be disappointed.

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